California’s Roadmap
Home 2030

Comprehensive approach.
Concrete solutions. Homes for all.

California’s Roadmap HOME 2030 is an initiative to develop and implement a “Marshall Plan” for statewide housing and homelessness solutions. This 10-year policy blueprint will illustrate how, with the right solutions and the will, we can create a California with homes for all.

The Roadmap HOME will:


Describe the full scale of the need for affordable homes for Californians struggling the most, with a particular focus on people with the lowest incomes, experiencing homelessness, and vulnerable to displacement.


Illustrate what it will take to meet the need by 2030 by setting ambitious goals and putting forward a comprehensive and evidence-based framework of statewide policies and investments.


Shape the policy agenda in Sacramento to win concrete legislation and investments.

Moving from stuck… to solutions

California is in the midst of housing affordability and homelessness challenges of historic proportions.

Unprecedented public focus on these issues over the last several years now compels our statewide leaders to move towards a cohesive and comprehensive approach to solve our housing and homelessness challenges in a way that unifies local, regional, and state level advocates, residents, and multi-sector partners.

Housing California and the California Housing Partnership are leading a coordinated, statewide effort to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that advances actionable and evidence-based solutions. This effort will move us beyond a piecemeal approach and propose the long-term structural and systems change policies necessary to address our housing affordability and homelessness challenges, with the goal of informing the Governor’s and Legislature’s actions in the near term. The Roadmap HOME will catalyze an intentional conversation among policymakers, reshape how we think about the right housing and homelessness solutions, and set the table for success.

Launching in early 2021

Development of the Roadmap HOME has already begun and will include an intentional process of conducting data and policy research, engaging partners, and building momentum to amplify our shared power for greater statewide impact. The Roadmap HOME will launch in early 2021 in order to shape California’s next legislative session and beyond.

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